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Enchanting little creatures, exploring life and friendship in the Mighty Forest with ups, downs and a few dollops of laughter along the way. Welcome to the world of Horace & Nim.


Our second picture book - Positive Thinking for Piglets -will be available this autumn!

postive thinking for piglets


'The Lucky, Lucky Leaf'

It’s a windy autumn day and the friends are out catching falling leaves for luck. Nim wants to break his all time record of five lucky leaves before tea time. But the more leaves he catches the more accidents he seems to have catching them. Forget breaking records, will Nim survive till teatime?

You can buy the book at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, from Hubble & Hattie or your local bookshop.



'Positive Thinking for Piglets'

When cool cousin Reg tells Kay that she can have anything she wants, if she wants it badly enough, Kay is not totally convinced. But she gives it a try. Sure enough, getting her heart’s desire (a freshly-baked acorn pie) proves more than a little frustrating.

Kay learns that you don’t always get what you work hard for, but smiling through the disappointment can produce surprisingly good results! And friends help.

The book will be available this autumn, in time for Christmas! - More info here.


the lucky lucky leaf

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