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Horace and Nim



Three Horace & Nim stories published in 'Fun to learn Friends' Magazine (Redan publishing)

'The Yo-Yo Bug' - Friends Magazine 386 - in the shops 21 February 2018

Everyone’s having fun yo-yo-ing - it’s the latest craze. But Nim really gets the bug. He spends his whole time practising on his own and doesn’t see his friends any more. He’s obsessed. His friends miss him and it makes them all sad. Will Nim ever get his yoyo-life balance right?

The Lucky, Lucky Leaf' - picture book coming soon - click here for more info

It’s a windy autumn day and the friends are out catching falling leaves for luck. Nim wants to break his all time record of five lucky leaves before tea time. But the more leaves he catches the more accidents he seems to have catching them. Forget breaking records, will Nim survive till teatime?


'The Rainbow's End'

It’s raining but the sun’s out. It’s rainbow time! Polecat Mac says pots of gold at the rainbow’s end are just old wives' tales. He’s probably right, but who cares? It’ll be fun looking! And sometimes magical things do happen in the forest.

A series of new picture books currently in development

'The Talent Show'

Edie finds Kay crying after Polecat Mac told her she had a voice like grated cheese. She tries to cheer up her friend by saying Polecat Mac was just being mean and Kay has a lovely voice. It works. But Edie doesn’t realize a talent show is coming to the forest and Kay is planning to enter. What should Edie do? If she tells Kay the truth about her voice, she’ll upset her. But if Kay sings in the competition, things could get ugly. This could be a friendship breaker.

"Splinter Madness"

Kay gets a splinter in her foot and Nim runs off to get Horace to help – he has some tweezers. While Nim's gone, Polecat Mac turns up and tells Kay that tweezers aren’t right for this sort of splinter. It needs a needle, and luckily he has one with him. Polecat Mac has that frightening "splinter madness" glint in his eye, and it looks like he won't take "no" for an answer. What's a piglet to do? Thank goodness for the Splinter Fairy!

'The Ghost Hat'

Nim has been given a weird present for his birthday by Polecat Mac. It's a “ghost hat” - it feels like it is on your head when it isn’t and not on your head when it is. Bad enough being expected to wear the spooky present, but then Nim goes and looses it, and loosing a present Polecat Mac has given you could be even worse. Things get even more complicated when Kay finds Nim's hat. And rather likes it.

'A Knock on the Door'

It's story time and Horace is reading an extra scary story to Edie, Nim and Kay. Suddenly there's a knock on the door! Who can it be so late at night? Should Horace open the door to find out? Or would it be better if they all hid under the covers?


'The Too Delicous Raspberries'

The fruits of the forest are ripening, but the only way Polecat Mac will bake one of his delicious raspberry pies is if the friends do the picking. The friends can pick the raspberries okay, but the fruit keeps finding its way into their mouths before it reaches their baskets. Looks like they’ll never collect enough. Can Horace save the day with his secret raspberry-picking device?








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